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We create useful and practical evaluations and trainings based on your needs.

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Our approach keeps u at the center of evaluation (yes, it's corny but it's true!). We base our evaluation on YOUR needs, experience and resources. Our clients receive:

Weekly Phone Calls,

Regular Site Visits,

Customized Trainings,

Customized Webinars,

Detailed Evaluation Plans, 

Customized Data Systems,

Customized Reports,

Guaranteed 24 Hour Response.


Higher Standards and Lower Costs

We work with you to keep your costs as low as possible. We start with the information you are already collecting and build a highly effective and cost-efficient evaluation. Just tell us your budget and we will develop an effective evaluation plan just for you. We also provide a range of short term and "A La Carte" options.  Contact us to explore your options!

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Check out this playlist of short videos that will help you choose the right evaluator. These videos are a free service provided through our CoalitionEvaluation YouTube channel.  Also check out the Coalition Evaluation website for tools. 

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Choosing the right evaluator is an important tool for success in the DFC grant. Bill and Andrea have worked with over a thousand DFC coalitions. Our contracts range from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on your needs. We customize data plans, reporting, and software to meet your needs. 


Pay As You Go "A La Carte Menu"

We know that sometimes you need an expert to help you manage short-term, specific challenges. That's why we offer our short-term Pay As You Go contracts. Most have a 30 to 60 day turnaround time and your satisfaction is guaranteed. Starting at $200 per contract, we have a solution in your price range. Choose from our "A-La-Carte" menu and help us customize your solution. Contact us for a free consultation and price quote. 



Dr. Geary, (a.k.a. Dr. Eval): I have been successfully evaluating communities, coalitions, and programs for over 18 years. I am the co-founder of Global Evaluation Solutions, and the former Deputy Director of Evaluation and Research for the National Coalition Institute. I have also successfully coordinated urban and suburban coalitions. I currently consult with a variety of organizations all over the country. For more on my background please visit my LinkedIn page.

Andrea: I have been involved in community prevention for 13 years. As the former Senior Manager of Evaluation and Research at the National Coalition Institute, I have successfully provided evaluation assistance to hundreds of coalitions across the country. I have also successfully led a Drug Free Communities coalition. I particularly enjoy helping organizations use evaluation to improve their capacity and enhance their sustainability. I co-founded GES, the CoalitionEvaluation Youtube channel and the CoalitionEvaluation website. For more about my experience, check out my LinkedIn page



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